Asset & Tax Recovery

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Lorna McCammon

Asset & Tax Recovery

It is essential that early specialist advice is sought if the family law proceedings are being heard set against the background of POCA (Proceeds of Crime Act) proceedings. If one party has been convicted of a criminal offence and is the subject of POCA proceedings, it is essential that a lawyer is appointed who is able to deal effectively with the case and make representations on behalf of the client to the organised crime division of the CPS. There are competing interests to be considered,  the CPS in the recovery of the assets balanced with the legal rights of the non convicted family member, children or any third party who may have a financial interest in the restrained assets.

We have a strong record of representing parties in these complex proceedings and have established a reputation for our expertise successfully protecting third party interests.

Early intervention is essential in these types of cases.

We can advise individuals and businesses who are subject to civil or criminal tax investigations. It is often very important to make the correct representations to HMRC  at an early stage.  We work alongside nationally recognised experts, especially accountants and previous Officers of HMRC who are able to successfully assist us to navigate complex regulatory issues to ensure that correct representations are made.