The Impact of Coronavirus on Family Law

Article by

Sarah Fox

The Impact of Coronavirus on Family Law

The world as we know it was plunged into chaos when Covid-19 arrived in the UK, leading to an unprecedented lockdown in March 2020.

Our daily lives became unfamiliar and we were told to stay at home to keep our families and loved ones safe and to protect our healthcare system.

This has had a significant affect on our roles as Family Lawyers and the lives of our clients.

We have all had to adapt to different ways of working, some of which have been very successful. We can take a lot of positives from the way our lives have had to change since March 2020, despite these unprecedented times.

We have been considering the affect the public health crisis is having upon our clients.

Our clients who are parents have had to deal with the sudden and immediate impact of the lockdown in relation to the arrangements for their children.  Those with and without Child Arrangement Orders in place have had to find ways of adapting so that their children can still maintain their relationship with both parents during this crisis.

There are many in society who have been trapped at home in abusive relationships with very little contact with the outside world.

We are yet to see the affect upon the valuation of assets in financial settlements which are yet to be finalised and, indeed, those settlements already concluded and whether there has been a significant change in one or both parties’ circumstances due to this crisis.

Some divorced couples will already have a maintenance order in place and consideration will need to be given to whether an application should be made to vary this.  Many are now unemployed or working reduced hours and can no longer afford to make the payments as they were ordered to do so.

The public health emergency has affected us all in different ways.  We have all had to adapt and find a way to move forward.

We must not forget that there are so many positive stories to take away from this crisis too.  Society has come together to look after each other where possible, neighbours who have previously never met are now friends and we have been given a rare opportunity to be at home with our families when ordinarily we may not have had this chance.

Should you require assistance with any of the above issues, please do not hesitate to get in touch.  Our lawyers have a wealth of experience in Family Law matters and will be happy to assist you.